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Dec.11, 2020 Our group company have received the "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry

                      and Fisheries Award" at the awards of excellent companies

                      engaged in exporting of the year.【press release

Dec.08, 2020 About our company's response to the COVID-19.【Detail

Nov.02, 2020 Group company "TSUKIJI OHTA Co., Ltd." has acquired

                      Marine Ecolabel Japan (MEL) certification. [number JFRCA20C3600071]



IT×Fresh fish distribution

We have built the "Tsukiji OFM System ®" that allows us to check the Japanese market information and place orders in real time from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an Internet environment, and communicate directly with restaurants around the world through SNS.



Efficient ordering system

Our original system, the Tsukiji OFM system® (patented in Japan), allows you to check and place orders from anywhere in the world on multiple devices, including PCs, smartphones and tablets, for real-time information on the Japanese market.


Long term freshness retention technology

We have been dealing with marine products since our founding. The handling of the purchased fresh fish is maintained at a high level, similar to the packing technology.In addition, we are working on hygiene management in line with HACCP to handle fresh fish safely and securely.


Highly rated by restaurants around the world

Our unique packing technology, developed in cooperation with Tsukiji Ohta, has been highly evaluated by our customers for its ability to maintain high freshness even during long transportation times.